About Us

Indibni® is an Indigenous Design Company focused on fostering a self-reliant India through exceptional Indigenous products that impact individuals worldwide. Our belief in "वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम" (the world is one family) drives our unwavering vision. Under our brand, Indigifts®, we skillfully blend Swag & Sanskar to create exceptional gifting experiences for individuals and enterprises. Our mission is to promote Indian craftsmanship globally by empowering creators and facilitating sellers.

Since 2017, we have successfully processed 2M+ units. From Mummy Da Dhaba® (Kitchen Door Sign) to Seed Rakhi® (Plantable bands), and from Folk Fusion (Warli and Mandana art infused into modern lifestyle products) to Safar - E- Hindustan (Journey through India with Abhyudaya), we have meticulously designed and developed over 5K+ products and made them available through omnichannel. Our personalized gifts have delighted esteemed families such as the Bachchans, Birlas, Mahindras, and the Royal Family of Mewar. Additionally, we are a trusted choice for over 200 Brands and 2K+ corporates, including TATA, ITC, 3M, and Axis Bank.

Beyond business, we actively contribute to the Vocal for Local movement. Our commitment extends to reviving traditional art and craft by empowering artisans through skill development and creating employment opportunities. This dedicated effort is carried out through our CSR Foundation.

Why??? Because Gifting has its own language for everyone!

How??? We put our heart, mind and soul into designing an experience

What??? We don’t just deliver a product, we deliver smiles!

Indifamily - Our Team, Our Strength

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