Do I need an account to make a purchase?
You don't need an account to purchase on Indigifts, however, creating an account will help you keep track of your order history, get timely notification about your order, and shipping details. You can purchase by being logged into your account or through guest checkout.

PS: It is always better to create an account and login while making a purchase instead of a guest checkout. It makes keeping track of your order smoother.
How do I place an order?
Follow these steps:

Step 1: To place an order visit us at and browse through the Products tab, organized by relationship-based collections. Take a look at the products in the category you hover the cursor over.

Step 2: Once you find an item (or a few) you want to add to your collection, click "Add to Cart"

Step 3: When you are ready to checkout click the shopping bag icon in the top right corner. Review your purchase and make sure your order is correct - We are not able to cancel an order once it has been placed or add/remove items.

Step 4. Enter your contact information and shipping address.

Step 5: Choose and enter your payment details. You can also choose to use card payments, COD, PayPal, Paytm, Netbanking, and UPI.

Step 6: Continue to Shipping. Select your shipping method. Continue to Payment. Enter your payment information.

Step 7: Enter your billing address Before you submit your order, this is a good page to review the items you are purchasing and your shipping and contact information to ensure everything is correct.

Step 8: Submit your order and wait for your new additions to your collection!
How many days does it take for the refund to reflect back in my bank account?
It could take 7-10 business days for the amount to reflect back in your bank account after the return is received, inspected and refund is issued.

For more information, see our return policy, cancellation policy, and replacement policy.
Can I cancel my order?
Processing begins as soon as your order is created, so we are unable to cancel orders after they have been submitted.

If you are having second thoughts about a purchase made, please see our returns policy, cancellation policy.
How do I track my order?
You will receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number once your order has been shipped. Please allow up to 48 hours for the information to update with transit details.

You can also view the status of your order and view tracking information within your order history in your Indigifts Account.

If you are having trouble reading the emails or if you haven't received any updates, please get in touch with our support team via the contact form.
How soon will my order ship?
All orders get shipped within 2-3 working days. You can expect delivery between 5-7 days. We ship orders Monday – Saturday during business hours, and we don't operate on major holidays. Please note that orders placed during a convention, sale, or promotion may take longer to process.
Why isn't my tracking link working?
It's not uncommon for the link to appear invalid right away, especially on the weekend. It can take up to 2 business days (Mon-Fri) from the time you receive your shipment notification email to update the system and provide tracking. Please continue to refresh the link provided in your email and reach back out to us via the contact form if it has not updated after 72 hours from the time your shipping email was received.
My tracking hasn't updated. Is it lost?
Ordinarily, you can expect consistent updates from the courier while your order is on it's way to you, however, delays of up to 8 business days can occur between scans. Business days do not include weekends or holidays, so it is very common for tracking not to update between Friday night and Monday afternoon. If you are seeing delays longer than 8 days, please reach out to Indigifts Support via the contact form.
Why was I double-charged?
If you see multiple charges for one order, your card was likely declined during your first payment attempt(s) due to incorrect billing details or other information that prevented us from verifying your payment. In this case, what you’re seeing is an authorization hold only.

Banks usually authorize a charge simply based on available funds, placing a temporary hold for the purchase amount and creating a pending entry on your account for each attempt, whether successful or not. The funds did not leave your account, and these transactions will eventually disappear, but this can take up to 10 business days, depending on your card issuer. We cannot issue a refund for declined transactions. Please make contact with your bank if you have questions about their process for authorization holds.
Why was my payment declined?
The most common reason for a payment to be declined is a simple typo when entering your information. Review your information and try again. When your payment is not able to be authorized, you will see this message:

“Your payment details couldn’t be verified. Check your card details and try again”

You will likely see the declined charge as a pending transaction. Learn more about authorization holds in the double charged FAQ above. If your payment is declined, you are welcome to try your purchase again, ensuring all card details including billing address, security code, and cardholder name are complete and correct.
My order arrived damaged, can I get a replacement?
Indigifts works hard to ensure your items get to you quickly and safely but we know damages happen. While we can’t promise mint condition, if a Indigifts product has a significant defect or damage, please contact our Customer Service team for help. Replacements are subject to indigifts’ approval and inventory availability. We may request that you return your purchase and may receive a replacement item or replacement box.

You can read our replacement policy here.

To start the return process contact customer service via the contact form.
My order is incorrect, how can I receive the correct items?
We're sorry to hear your order wasn't what you were expecting and are happy to help! Please reach out within 48 hours. We encourage you to reach out as soon as possible for the best chance at the preferred resolution. Click on the Support button in the lower left-hand corner Whatsapp icon of this page. Share the reason for return and our customer care executive shall get back to you asap.

To initiate the replacement request, kindly fill the contact form. Include your Indigifts order number and a clear photo of everything you received in your order, shown together.

A replacement shipment containing the correct item(s) will be offered if sufficient inventory exists to do so. If we are not able to replace the item with an identical product, we will issue a refund for the missing item. Indigifts can offer store credit in the form of a discount code on your next purchase.
I didn't get a confirmation email. Was my order successful?
Confirmation emails are sent to the email address entered on an order after an order is successfully placed. It can be common for confirmation emails to land in your spam/junk folder, so be sure to check there first. If you still don't see it, please select one of the options that best describes your issue.

1. The charge is showing in my bank account, but I don't have a confirmation email

There are two reasons for this: an authorization hold or a typo in your email address at checkout. When your order is successful, you will be routed to a screen with a green checkmark.

If you did not see the confirmation screen, or if you received an error message, then your order may not have been successfully processed due to a payment error. Click on the Support button in the lower left-hand corner Whatsapp icon of this page. Share your query and our customer care executive shall get back to you asap.

Please leave your query to our support team via the contact form so that it doesn’t go unnoticed.

If payment is not completed, we cannot create an order for you, so you will not receive an order confirmation email.

1 I got a confirmation screen, but I don't have a confirmation email

When your payment is successful, your order is immediately created. You will be directed to a confirmation screen.

You may or may not see an order number, and your confirmation email may take a few minutes to a few hours to arrive. If this happens, please check your spam/junk folder first. This is the most common reason you haven't received your email.

Still not seeing it? Chances are, there was a typo in your email address or you're checking the wrong inbox. Please be sure you are looking at the email account you entered for your order.

Still nothing? We can help! Please reach out to us via the contact form with your order number or complete shipping address, along with the correctly spelled email address, so we can make the change. It's important that we have the right information on file, in case we need to get in touch about your order, and so you can receive your shipping notification.
What is your return policy?
How do I self-ship the products?
1. Please pack the items securely to prevent any loss or damage during transit. All items must be in unused condition with all original tags attached and packaging intact.

2.You can courier the product(s) to the address mentioned below: Indibni Private Limited, 6, Jai Jawan Colony 1, Off Tonk Road Jaipur Rajasthan IN 302018

3.On receiving the product at the warehouse, we will go forth with the refund process.

My order won't go through. What should I do?
Please only click the "Complete Order" button once to avoid multiple authorizations at the final step of the checkout process. Once your order has been accepted, you will see a confirmation notice on the screen with a check mark.

If you receive an error message or are not redirected to the confirmation screen, please contact us using the contact form before trying again, to avoid multiple payment authorizations or duplicate orders.
Why am I not getting any COD option on the payment page?
It could be because the COD facility might not be available for your postal code. In that case, you can pay by card payments, COD, PayPal, Paytm, Netbanking, and UPI.
Can I add or remove an item to my order?
Unfortunately, processing begins as soon as an order is created and we are unable to add or remove items from an order once it has been submitted, but you are more than welcome to place a new order! Do not forget to raise a cancellation request for your previous order to avoid order duplicacy.
Can I update the email address on my order?
Yes. Please contact Indigifts Support using the contact form with the correct and complete email address you'd like to use for the update along with any two of the following identifying items to authenticate your purchase:

1. transaction ID for the online payment mode you chose.

2. email address used at checkout

3. contact number used at checkout

last 4 digits of the card used for the purchase for credit card payment

4. Customer name
Can I change the shipping address on my order?
Ordinarily, we are unable to update a shipping address after an order has been placed due to the speed of our fulfillment process. This request might be entertained if the order yet doesn’t show shipped in your order history. In that case, click on the Support button in the lower left-hand corner Whatsapp icon of this page. Share your query and our customer care executive shall get back to you asap.

Send your Indigifts order number and complete updated address (including ZIP code) using the contact form as soon as possible. Once orders have begun fulfillment, we typically cannot make changes.
Why doesn't my discount code work?
Discount codes are only valid during the promotional period indicated and applied to the purchase total of eligible items before tax and shipping are calculated. Unique codes cannot be shared. Ineligible items may include Indigifts exclusives during the first day of release and merchandise that is already on sale.
What do I do if my order shows delivered, but I did not receive it?
First, check the shipping address on your order confirmation to ensure the destination is correct. If so, please exhaust all available resources to try to retrieve your order:

1. Ask others who share your residence to see if they received on your behalf.

2. Double-check all areas of your property, including under and around porches, the garage, side doors, and back yard, as carriers may try to leave parcels in obscure locations for security.

3. Ask the carrier if they can help you locate the whereabouts, as it is very common to see a parcel delivered to a neighbor by mistake or be marked as delivered but accidentally left on the truck.

4. If you live in an apartment complex, inquire with your mail room or reception area/leasing office.

5. For areas with a community mailbox or central pickup point, check your normal mail slot for a key to the parcel locker. Many carriers will not deliver packages to your doorstep if it will fit securely at the drop site.

If you have performed all of the above and still have not been able to locate your order and the whole shipment is missing and you still receive the message “shipment delivered, ” kindly report it to us via this contact form, within 72 hours of receiving a delivery message. For assistance with your order please, click on the Support button in the lower left-hand corner Whatsapp icon of this page.
What shipping services do you use?
We use Blue Dart, Ecom Express, and Speed Post.
Do you ship internationally?
We ship all over India, USA and UK. The products can be shipped to the USA and UK given the favourable circumstances with additional shipping cost and estimated delivery time of 21 business days.
Order was returned to the sender. What does one do?
Shipments may be returned to sender by the courier due to an incorrect address or an issue with delivery. Updates specific to the reason will be available on the tracking details of your order.

If you find a parcel has been marked as returned, please reach out to customer service via the contact form with your Indigifts order number, and we can look into support options based on the shipment and items in your order.
What payment options are available?
We currently take card payments, COD, PayPal, Paytm, Netbanking, and UPI.
Is my payment information safe?
We use the highest assurance SSL/TLS certificate, which makes sure that no unauthorised person can access your sensitive payment data over the internet.
Can I change my payment method before my order ships?
Your payment is processed as soon as your order is received, and you have an order confirmation number. We cannot manually process or authorize payment or change the payment type used except when it is COD.
Can I change my billing address on an order?
For security reasons, we are not able to change the billing address. Payment is processed as soon as an order is placed, so as long as you have an order confirmation number, you are all set!
Do you have gift cards?
At this time, we do not offer gift cards to make purchases on Indigifts.
I don’t want the package to carry an invoice. Can this be done?
We do not include any invoice or price tags inside the package but a shipping label is pasted outside that contains order information including price as per the mandatory Government regulations.
Can I have my order gift-wrapped?
We are sorry but the Gift wrap option is not available as of yet.
The whole shipment is missing but the message shows delivered, what do I do?
In case, the whole shipment is missing and you still receive the message “shipment delivered, ” kindly report it to us via the contact form, within 72 hours of receiving a delivery message. For assistance with your order please, click on the Support button in the lower left-hand corner Whatsapp icon of this page.
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