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Mother's Day

Maa, Mom, Mumma, Mummy, Ammi

Naam chahe jo bhi ho, pehchaan ek hai
“An all-rounder human being”

Love and home are more beautiful when mom is around.

She is always there, fixing things up for us,
barging every inch to make our lives a wonderland
with the same passion all day, every day.
It’s time to put a spotlight on the strongest woman out there!

Har zarurat, har samay haazir rehne wali

Apni khushi se pehle humari khushi dekhne wali

Late aane par daant lagati par apne haathon se khana khilane wali

Exams mein humare saath raat bhar jagne wali

Maa ke liye sirf thank-you kaafi nahi.

Say a MUM-in-a-Million thanks to them with Indigift’s  

Mother’s Day Gifting Collection 

Tohfe jo pyar se banein, bunein, aur sajein 

har maa ke liye.

Mummy da Dhaba

It is all mom’s made and approved! 

A space dedicated to give shoutouts to Mothers’ exclusive food recipes

jo unse achi koi nahi bana sakta! 

Find authentic savories and share your Mom’s specialties at this corner 

and win a chance to get featured on our page.


From the

Creator’s Corner

“The Mother’s Day Gifting Collection is a celebration of motherhood. An honorary appreciation of motherly bonds we share with moms,  grandmoms, granddads, dads, siblings, and friends.”

“The collection, having an inclusion of thoughtfully-crafted gifts and gift hampers, was designed and curated with the purpose to make mothers’ lives a little easier and make them feel appreciated, pampered, and adored.”

“Celebrating the uniqueness of every ‘mother’ was the motive to make these products such as the hug cushion, cutlery stand, multipurpose tray, eye masks, phone stand, and more. We hope these kits help the children of any age, living with or living away from their mothers, to express their gratitude towards them.”

Handcrafted with <3 by Indibni Family

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