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Hey, you’re here! We were waiting for you. You ask why?

Actually, we saw you peeping out from the corner of your eye to catch a

sight of that one person you are going all gaga over. 

We can gauge that love is rolling, and romance is brewing, my dear! 

It’s time to beautifully mess up your life and take that ride of romance.

But how do you gear up for that?

Well, we, your cupid this season and forever, have sorted that as well. 

Just put on the romantic song playlist and get on it with us!

This Valentine’s, get your fairy tale started with some quirkiness & funkiness, all wrapped in the cuteness & warmth of our 

Valentine Gift Collectibles,

a collection of gifts crafted to amplify and deepen the bond of romance. 

Imagined with affection, crafted with care, executed with love by our 

Team of Design Hustlers, the happiest Valentine Gifting Range comes with 

15k+ ways to say ‘I Love You.’

Great love affairs start with…GIFTS?


Indigifts x Cadbury 

True love is wanting to share that last piece of Cadbury with them!

Hug Cushion

Your hug partner when you feel annoyed, cuddly, happy, or sleepy!


Quirk-filled Love Cushions

If you’ve got the one, tell them what’s in your mind by popping-up the right ‘cushion’! 

Photo Memory StoryBoard

Treasure the moments of love forever, clip ‘em all on a crafty Photo Memory Board!

Valentine’s Week Kit

A hamper, filled with quirky yet functional gifts, that you can give on each day from rose to valentine day

All Around Love Valentine Decorative Kit

Add the aroma of romance in the space with beautiful love decoratives!

All About Love Valentine Proposal Kit

Stuck on someone? Propose to them your love with gifts of ‘marry-ment’! 

Mixed Tapes Love & Pride Valentine Kit

All colors of love are beautiful! Give a loud, out-of-the-closet cheer to your romance! 

They say, “the language of love is gift-giving.”

Let’s see what our design comrades have to say on the sweet conspiracy of love they have made this Valentine! 

“Love should be spontaneous. This was the thought seed behind the creation of this season’s ‘Valentine Gifting Collection.’ The making of everything, from gifting items to the box sleeves, holds a touch of trendiness, emotions, and ofcourse, love. Moreover, it revolves around the theme of quirkiness, freshness, and timelessness. Whether it was color palettes or materials, every aspect was chosen with the season’s charm & aesthetics in mind. 

We brought forth a few tokens of love that would help people express their feelings. Just like the outstanding Spotify Music Scanner Stand, 7 Vows Scroll, or Bunting, all of these and more are crafted to convey what you have in heart. Ease of gifting was the major cover this time. Curation of Valentine Gift Kits successfully served that purpose, where you can get our crafty love collectibles in one box.

Handcrafted with love by Indibni Family


[luhv] . noun

Showing affection with a beautiful gifting gesture. 

So, you have found your ‘humsafar’ that you are ‘truly, madly, deeply’ falling in love with, and now you’re looking for that ‘dil ko karar aaya’ moment. 

Then what’s the wait for? 

Do that ‘Tohfa tohfa tohfa, Laya laya laya’ move and hop on the train that takes you straight to our Valentine Gifting Collection.

And then just pick quirkiness, pack it in heartfulness, 

and propose it to the one that’s got your back, your backpack! 

Two hearts in love need no words….just GIFTS!

What are you looking for?


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