FAQs on Seed Rakhi

FAQs on Seed Rakhi

What is a Seed Rakhi?

A Seed Rakhi is a unique and eco-friendly variation of the traditional Rakhi. It is a special type of Rakhi that incorporates seeds within its design, allowing it to be planted after the Raksha Bandhan festival. When planted, the Rakhi eventually grows into a plant, symbolizing the bond of love between siblings and nurturing the environment.

How does a Seed Rakhi work?

A Seed Rakhi typically contains seeds of various plants, flowers, or herbs embedded within its structure. After the Rakhi tying ceremony is over, instead of discarding the Rakhi, you can plant it in the soil. The seeds germinate, and with proper care and attention, a beautiful plant will grow, serving as a lasting memory of your sibling's love.

Will the seedrakhi grow?

Growth of any seed depends on factors like water, sun, air, pot medium, soil used etc. However, the seeds used in seedrakhis are generic and grow in less care and generic conditions. In case if the seeds in your rakhi doesn't grow, don't worry we have already added a pack of extra tulsi/tomato seeds along for you.

How are Seed Rakhis made?

Seed rakhis are crafted using three types of biodegradable materials: 

  1. Organic cotton threads that are naturally dyed.
  2. Cotton material waste from industries.
  3. Traditional crochet art form found in Indian villages.

In the process of making these rakhis, seeds are embedded on the top and tassels, making them eco-friendly and symbolically significant.

How do I plant a Seed Rakhi?

To plant a Seed Rakhi, gently remove any non-biodegradable elements like threads or decorative elements. Bury the Rakhi in a pot or directly into the ground, ensuring that the seeds are covered with a layer of soil. Water it regularly and place it in a spot with adequate sunlight. Follow the specific instructions provided with the Seed Rakhi for best results.

What type of plants can grow from Seed Rakhis?

The type of plants that grow from Seed Rakhis may vary depending on the seeds used in the Rakhi's design. Common choices include flowers, fruits, or vegetables that are easy to grow and maintain. Some Seed Rakhis also use herb seeds like mint or coriander, adding a practical touch to the festivities.

Do Seed Rakhis require any special care during germination?

Seed Rakhis require some basic care during the germination process. Ensure that the Rakhi is planted in well-draining soil and watered regularly to keep the soil moist. Protect the planted Rakhi from harsh weather conditions and pests. With proper care, the seeds will sprout and grow into healthy plants.

Can I purchase Seed Rakhis online?

Yes, Seed Rakhis are becoming increasingly popular, and you can find them available for purchase online. Seed Rakhi is one eco-friendly website that offers a wide range of Seed Rakhis with different seed varieties to choose from.

Are Seed Rakhis available in different designs and colors?

Yes, Seed Rakhis come in a variety of designs, colors, and patterns, just like traditional Rakhis. We provide a range of such designs. You can find Seed Rakhis with beautiful artwork, personalized messages, and decorative elements, making them visually appealing while also being environmentally conscious.

What is the significance of gifting Seed Rakhis?

Gifting a Seed Rakhi goes beyond the usual gesture of love and protection between siblings. It also reflects a commitment to environmental sustainability and promoting a greener, healthier planet. Planting the Seed Rakhi and nurturing it into a plant symbolizes the everlasting bond between siblings and their collective responsibility towards nature.

Can I tie a Seed Rakhi like a regular Rakhi?

Yes, you can tie a Seed Rakhi just like any other Rakhi during the Raksha Bandhan festival.

Can kids plant Seed Rakhis too?

Absolutely! Seed Rakhis are easy to plant, making them a fun and educational activity for kids as well.

Are Seed Rakhis expensive?

Seed Rakhis are generally affordable and competitively priced, similar to traditional Rakhis.

Do Seed Rakhis require sunlight to grow?

Yes, like any other plant, Seed Rakhis need sunlight to grow, so make sure to place them in a sunny spot.

Are Seed Rakhis safe for the environment?

Yes, Seed Rakhis are eco-friendly and safe for the environment as they are made from biodegradable materials.


Can I store Seed Rakhis for future use?

It's best to plant Seed Rakhis soon after the Raksha Bandhan festival to ensure successful germination.

Can I buy Seed Rakhis in local stores?

Seed Rakhis may be available in some specialty stores, but you'll likely find a wider selection online.

Are Seed Rakhis suitable for all occasions?

While traditionally used during Raksha Bandhan, you can gift Seed Rakhis on other occasions too as a thoughtful gesture.

Do Seed Rakhis come with planting instructions?

Yes, most Seed Rakhis come with simple planting instructions to guide you through the process.

Are Seed Rakhis durable like traditional Rakhis?

Seed Rakhis are designed to be sturdy enough to withstand the tying ceremony and handling during Raksha Bandhan. However, they may not be as durable as some traditional Rakhis made from metals or synthetic materials. It is essential to handle them with care to ensure the seeds remain intact until planting.

Can I grow Seed Rakhis indoors?

Yes, you can grow Seed Rakhis indoors, provided they receive sufficient sunlight. Place the planted Rakhi near a window or any well-lit area to facilitate germination and growth.

What happens if the Seed Rakhi doesn't germinate?

Though Seed Rakhis are carefully crafted to promote germination, factors like improper planting or unfavorable conditions can affect the outcome. If your Seed Rakhi doesn't germinate, don't be disheartened. It's a natural process, and you can always try planting another one.

Can I use Seed Rakhis for other celebrations?

While Seed Rakhis are commonly associated with Raksha Bandhan, there's no strict rule against using them for other celebrations. They can make unique and thoughtful gifts for various occasions, such as birthdays, festivals, or eco-friendly events.

Can I reuse Seed Rakhis for the next year?

Seed Rakhis are meant for planting and growing, so it's not advisable to reuse them for the following year. Once you plant a Seed Rakhi, its purpose is fulfilled as it transforms into a plant.

Do Seed Rakhis come with pots for planting?

Most Seed Rakhis are sold without pots, but we at Indigifts include biodegradable pots along with the Rakhi. If you haven’t ordered one with the pot, you can use any small pot or even plant them directly in your garden.

What if I have allergies to certain plant seeds?

If you have allergies to specific plant seeds used in Seed Rakhis, it's essential to check the seed type before choosing a Rakhi. Opt for a Seed Rakhi with seeds that won't trigger your allergies to ensure a pleasant experience.

How early should I plant the Seed Rakhi after the festival?

For the best chance of successful germination, it's recommended to plant the Seed Rakhi within a few days after Raksha Bandhan. The sooner you plant it, the better the chances of the seeds sprouting.

Can I send Seed Rakhis to my siblings living in other cities?

Yes, buying Seed Rakhis online would provide you with the chance to send them to various locations. You can easily order and have them delivered to your siblings' addresses to celebrate the occasion together, even if you can't be physically present.

Are Seed Rakhis suitable for all age groups?

Yes, Seed Rakhis are suitable for people of all age groups, from young kids to adults. They make thoughtful gifts for fostering a bond of love and care between siblings while promoting environmental consciousness.

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