The idea of a gift is inspired by the mythology, from the Bible, Gita, Quran where it is being said that everything we have is a gift from God, for which everyone should be grateful for and which should further inspire or pursue them to give it to others. A gift can be equated with happiness to our small world, to our family and friends.

Gifts play an essential role in all types of relationships and all the events of life. When gifts are exchanged, it’s just not the boxes that are transferred but it’s the feelings that are exchanged between the persons. Gifts help in building trust and faith and make the bond stronger.

Here are some reasons why to gift-

  1. A gesture of showing gratitude

    A gift has always been considered as a token of help or gratitude where we want to show how much the person means to us or how important they are to us. Gifts are never about the price, they are about the emotion, vibe, feeling, and love with which they are given.

    For example, – Gifting our grandma a cushion for expressing how much she means to you and you love her.

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  2. To let someone know they are special to you

    Gifts are given to make someone feel special, even a small thing as a thank you note can make someone feel good, happy and special. The thought which goes in the gift and the time invested in finding it is been appreciated by the receiver. They feel valued in your life and can feel the care and affection even from a small gift.

    For example, – Gifting poster frameset to mom and dad telling them they are the world’s best mom and dad.

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  3. To relive those special moments

    We all love the good moments in our life from the joyous moment from the past, the smiling present and the cheerful future. We all wish to capture those happy memories and revisit them whenever we want to, and gifts help us in capturing those beautiful moments. Gifts value memories and last long. Every gift has a story, some may be to cheer you up while others may be to celebrate the happiness and the moment we see the gift, the memories flashes in our brain and a smile slowly runs on our face.

    For example, – Gifting a coffee mug to your partner which will make them feel special and value your good memories.

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  4. An expression of love and care

    A gift shows appreciation, love, and care. It is given from an innocent and sincere heart for our loved ones. They are given for spreading happiness among our parents, elders, younger’s and our friends. Gifting is a positive activity that brings a smile on our and our loved one’s faces. It is given out of concern and joy and to spread positivity and peace in our minds.

    For example, ­– You can gift your mom a wall hanging saying Mummy Da Dhaba written in about 10 different languages with Indigifts.

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  5. Every achievement is special

    The gift symbolizes a celebration of big to small achievements, or moments. They help us in celebrating the small happiness in life which we often forget in this fast-moving life. We keep on waiting for the big success and ignore to celebrate the small success in life. Let’s gift for small joy and spread love.

    For example, – Gifting your sister a golden mug on the achievement of good marks in the exam or for appraising her.

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  6. For social bonding and connect

    Gift helps us in connecting to our social group. When we send a gift with love to our friends and family, we knowingly or unknowingly create a feeling of closeness, warmth and loving. It helps us in tightening or strengthening the bond. It’s important to maintain a good social circle and to let them know that we care and respect them. A gift is a symbol of showing someone we care about them without even saying a word. A gift is an expression in itself that helps us in connecting and bonding.

    For example, – Gifting cushions and cups to your friends which has something written on them, this describes your friend

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  7. To celebrate festivals

    Gifts are given for acknowledging the events happening in our life, like birthdays, new jobs, new homes, anniversaries, baby shower, festivals, etc. It is important to appreciate and cherish the events in life. Celebration of events spreads joy and smiles on our faces and distances us momentarily from tension, worries, and stress in our life. There is always a reason to celebrate and share a smile over it.

    For example, – To celebrate house warming, you can either gift this poster frame for walls or entrance doors

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    There can be more than a million reasons and ways to gift, we have listed a few.

    Well, you don’t need a reason for gifting to your loved ones, just surprise them with gifts and make them smile, thus go ahead and celebrate Happiness, celebrate Love, Celebrate Gifting from

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