All Your Questions About Thanks giving Day Answered

All Your Questions About Thanks giving Day Answered

A day filled with gratitude and joy is important in the fast-paced lives of humans. And for that, Christians came up with Thanksgiving Day. On this day, people show their gratitude and love to the ones close to them, to the ones who help them and support them by inviting them on a fest. Being a Christian festival it is majorly celebrated in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Grenada, Saint Lucia, and Liberia, and the sub-national entities Leiden, Norfolk Island, and Puerto Rico. But, it is not a surprise that this festival of gratitude is slowly seeping into the houses of Indian Families too. Seeing how difficult this year has been, it has taught us how things can be and which of our friends and family have got our back. These times have realize how lucky we are to be safe and healthy. This pandemic has taught us that we need to be grateful of people in our life and things that we have, like never before. Thus, thanksgiving will and should be celebrated in spirit by everyone. 
Anyway do Indians even need a reason to celebrate? We just need food, family, and fun to enjoy the day.


Why is Thanksgiving Celebrated?

The first Thanksgiving was celebrated in November 1621, when the corn harvest of the Pilgrims turned out to be successful. Governor William Bradford organized a feast and invited the Pilgrims and Massasoit, the Wampanoag chief. This feast lasted for three days and was a great event. This is why Thanksgiving was originally celebrated, for the arrival of the harvest season.
The second Thanksgiving day was celebrated with a day of religious fasting because of the drought season. This led to the inclusion of fasting on Thanksgiving day. 
However since then, it has been a humble day of gratitude for everything good in your life more than anything.

What Date Is The Thanksgiving Celebrated On?

Thanksgiving earlier had no date and many different countries and localities celebrated it on different days. 
The former president of America, George Washington, declared that Thanksgiving Day is declared as a holiday and should be celebrated on the last Thursday of every November. This day was devoted to prayers and gratitude to the Almighty. 
Therefore, this year Thanksgiving will be celebrated on 26 November.  


What Can One Do To Celebrate Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a day of prayers and grateful hearts as quoted by George Washington. Therefore, it is obvious that this day should be celebrated in the company of friends and family. One can always invite the people whom they consider close and thank the Almighty for every path it shows us. 

Virtual Travel

Travelling is a little dangerous, this year because of coronavirus, but one can always travel virtually. It was earlier noticed that Thanksgiving is the day of huge amounts of travel for the people who live far from their homes. It is also heard that grandma’s travel oceans to celebrate this day with their kids and grandkids. 
Do a small video call with your family. You all can cook in your homes and show each other what you have cooked. You can also eat together while being logged into a video call.


Send A Heartwarming Message
Just write down what you feel. How important that person is in your life and how helpless you would be without them. A few small words full of gratitude and love can change the mood of the other person. 
You can be carefree and speak out your feelings on Thanksgiving.
Connect To God

Since it is a day of religious sentiments and spirituality, one should try to spend a few moments with God. Prepare a small amount of food for them and express how important a role the Almighty has played in shaping your life to what it is today.

What is Thanksgiving without the aroma of delicious and mouth-watering food? Popularly it is observed that turkey, stuffing, gravy, sweet potatoes, cornbread, mashed potatoes, cakes, and cranberry sauce are prepared on this day. Many families involve all the members to do the cooking. You can also make a dessert in the form of pies of pumpkin, pecan, sweet potato, and apple flavor.
Give A Gift

A gift is the best option to go along with a few positive words and prayers. Order gifts from Indigifts for your family members and friends and show how much you love them. 

Celebrate a peaceful and happy Thanksgiving Day this year.

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