Merry Christmas! Why is it celebrated and what you can do

Merry Christmas! Why is it celebrated and what you can do

There are so many questions a person can ask about Christmas. The day when the world is in a jolly mood and everything is festive.

What Happened On 25th December?

Christmas, the day Jesus Christ was born. But did you know that there was no particular day of celebrating Christmas until the Roman Emperor Constantine (first Christian Roman Emperor) decided that it should be celebrated on 25th December every year in 336 B.C. 

It was believed by some early Catholics that Christ was conceived and died on the same day. They also believed that the day when Mary (Christ’s Mother) was informed that she would be bearing a special child was on March 25th. And by doing a little calculation anyone would be able to predict that Jesus Christ must have been born on 25th December.  

Also, the Jewish festival of Hanukkah is celebrated on the eve of 25 Kislev, which is supposed to fall in December. Since Jesus was a Jew, it is considered that he must have been born on 25th December. 

Well, well, well, there are many reasons behind the date of Christ’s birth, it depends upon us which one we believe in. 

It is believed that on 25th December, Jesus Christ was born to Mother Mary. The Roman Emperor Constantine declared this day to be celebrated everyday.


The History Of Santa Claus Or St. Nicholas

Santa Claus or St. Nicholas was born in 280 A.D. in Patara, near Myra (modern-day Turkey). He was paradigmatic because of his piety and kindness. There are many stories that conclude that St. Nicholas gave away all of his inherited wealth and went around the world to help the poor and sick.St. Nicholas became Santa Claus in the coming years and ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, a poem written by Moore for his three daughters signified that Santa Claus was a right jolly old elf with a portly figure and an ability to ascend a chimney with just a nod of his head.  When Santa came to the States he was described as a jolly figure who goes around the globe on his sleigh and distributes goodies and sweets to the good girls and boys. In the hope of being the “Christ Child,” the kids started doing good and treated their parents with utmost care. They also hooked their stockings at Christmas Eve in hope of receiving the gifts. 
Santa Claus was St. Nicholas who was very kind and helpful. Stories revolving around him giving away his entire wealth to the poor and going around the world is very famous amongst the world.

What Can One Do On Christmas?

  1. Decorate a Christmas Tree
There are so many size options available for buying a Christmas tree. Be it a short one or a tall one, get hold of a tree according to your house size, and decorate it with the help of the kids in your house. Fake or foldable Christmas trees are also available which also bring true joy. Or you could even make a Christmas tree out of small plants that you already have!

On Christmas Eve, sit around it with your family. Being all cozy and enjoy your Christmassy time.  

  1. Prepare A Feasty Meal

No festival is complete without a proper and special meal. Plan a menu that is exotic and includes all your family members in preparing and cooking the meal. 
Get a hold on delicious recipes that you can find on Google and Youtube. Just focus on your night being free and warm. From pies to cakes and cookies.

  1. Buy New Clothes

Is there even a reason that we have to tell you this? Buying clothes and accessories and shoes should never even be something which you should do on the evening of the festival. Start buying before a week. Or better yet, order right away so I can get them by Christmas! Plan every dress that can fit in your budget and will look good on you. And slay this Christmas. ;)

  1. Gift Something To Your Loved Ones

Christmas is all about giving something to the ones who are close to you. Be it a proper big teddy bear for your girlfriend or a one-year Netflix subscription for your best friend. Go ahead and give it to them. You can also find some quirky paisa-vasool gifts on Indigifts.

  1. Get Creative With Your Gift Wraps

Let that child inside you scream at the top of his lungs this Christmas. With so many gifts to give and so much packing to do, one can get easily tired. The key to not make it boring? Get creative. Maybe with the prints or with the style in which you pack that gift, there are endless options available.

  1. Enjoy The Christmas Winter

Yes, yes we know that being in India it is difficult to find snow in the regions where you live but you can enjoy virtual reality. You can look at videos online or if you have a VR kit then you can put it into good use and enjoy the festival with more zeal. Or even better, simply listen to the classic Christmas Carols and enjoy the winters!

Christmas is a festival of joy and should always be celebrated with family.

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