Best Places to Visit in India to see Dussehra Celebrations

Best Places to Visit in India to see Dussehra Celebrations

The Dussehra festival in India is quite spectacular and filled with colorful ‘karyakramas’! The holiday is observed in a variety of ways around the country, but the heart of them all is to commemorate the triumph of good over evil. People in many states celebrate it in their own distinct ways.

dussehra celebrations
Dussehra celebrations vary by location and culture, so everywhere you go throughout our rang-biranga desh, you will have a completely distinct Dussehra experience. Here's how the celebration is observed in various parts of our India.

Dussehra Celebration in North India


Dussehra is a seven-day event led by the royal family in Kullu. The difference here is that, unlike in other places where Gods and Goddesses are carried on chariots or elephants, the idols are held on the heads of devotees who actively participate in the procession. This procession concludes at a field where they encounter the idol of Raghunath, the primary God of this region.

dussehra celebration in North India

Attraction - Attend the beautiful parade that lights up the town on this day. Also, the festival finishes with a performance of Lankadahan (Lanka burning) beside the Beas river, which you must not miss.



Ramnagar, around 15 kilometers from Varanasi, hosts one of the most prominent Ramlila shows. The King of Kashi started the custom of staging Ramlila concerts, which is still going on today. This celebration brings the entire city of Varanasi back to life, with a joyous feeling spreading throughout. Varanasi is a favorite pilgrimage destination for 10 days.

dussehra celebration in Varanasi
Attraction - Visit the Ramnagar Fort during the Dussehra celebrations to see the stunning Ram Leela. You may take part in a variety of interesting activities in Varanasi to learn about its rich culture and history.



Delhi celebrates Dussehra in its own unique style, with nine days of unending pleasure, dancing, and spectacle. On the last day, when they burn Ravana's effigy, the streets are filled with the roar and flash of fireworks. The Ramlila Maidan and the Red Fort grounds in Delhi are also well-known for presenting some of the most fabulous Ramilila events.


Attraction - On the tenth day, large ‘putla’s’ of Ravana, Kumbhkaran, and Meghnada are burned with brilliant fireworks illuminating the sky at any Ram Leela ground in the city.



Dussehra Celebration in South India


Only Mysore in Karnataka celebrates this ten-day event with such ceremony and splendor. The palace is illuminated for 10 days till the event concludes. The spectacular processions on the last day are what make the event worthwhile to witness here. It is definitely a sight to behold. Elephants play an important role in the celebrations, with one carrying the gold canopy of Chamudneshwari's idol.

dussehra celebration in MYSORE

Attraction - Do not miss the magnificent Dasara parade, which fills the streets of the city on this auspicious day. It is more often known as the ‘Jumbo Savari’ and is quite breathtaking!



The celebrations in coorg, also known as Madikeri Dasara, begin with traditional and ceremonial karaga folk dances. The rites are devoted to Goddess Draupadi, the Pandavas' wife. The festivity lasts all night on the 9th day to greet the last 10th day. Preparation for the Madikeri dasara begins three months in advance, and villagers take part in this century-old ritual.


Attraction - The major draw is the shining procession of gods, goddesses, devils, and goblins performing performances based on classic myths.



Dussehra Celebration in East India


Consider big, colorful pandals, delectable and holy ‘bhogs’, and Dhunuchi dance festivities set to raucous ‘dhaak’ sounds. That is what West Bengal's Durga Pujo is all about! That is the one time of year when Kolkata truly transforms into the City of Joy.

dussehra celebrations

 Attraction - Aside from the boisterous pandals, you may attend the traditional ‘Bonedi Bari’ pujas and discover the vibrant colors of the festival amid the city's 400-year-old palaces.



If you believe Bengal's Durga Pujas have grabbed your heart and are priceless, wait till you see Agartala's grand and spectacular festival. The Deb Burman rajbari people have retained their centuries-old heritage of Durga Puja style, and it is no surprise that it continues to draw thousands of worshippers from all over the world.

dussehra celebrations

Attraction - Believe it or not, the singing and dances in the rajbari alongside the powerful Brahmaputra are too tranquil to ignore.



Dussehra Celebration in West India


Punjabis celebrate Dussehra by worshiping the Goddess Shakti. The majority of them fast for the first seven days of Navratri, after which they practice Jagrata, which is the singing of devotional songs while remaining awake all night. On the eighth day, known as Ashtami, they break their fast by organizing a Bhandara or Kanjak for nine young girls while worshiping them.

dussehra celebration in india

Attraction - Attend the Navratri Jagrata. To obtain an actual Punjabi Dussehra celebration, visit the families of locals in Amritsar, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, and even the ‘Pinds’ of Punjab.



Dussehra is known as Navratri in the vibrant state of Gujarat. Garba, Gujarat's most famous folk dance, is a key component of this celebration in this state. It is the festival's major feature that draws people in and makes them sing folk tunes with multi-colored sticks. After adoring Goddess Durga, Garba is played all night.

dussehra celebration in India

Attraction - Do visit special Garba nights that are organized all over Gujarat. Lots of Garba and dancing will keep you hooked for sure.



The town of Kota organizes a delightful 'Mela' (fair) with costume plays, cultural performances, huge fireworks displays, and a plethora of booths providing delectable food.

dussehra celebrations 

Attraction - Attend the various mushairas, Kavi Sammelans, and mustache competitions that take place after the show!


These are some of the unique ways that different states around the country celebrate Dussehra. Of course, there are many more states, cities, and colorful ways to live! Bookmark our page and you will be blessed with the opportunity to get the best of India delivered right to your screen.

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