Whom you can compare yourself with the below Person?

From ‘Jhansi Ki Rani’ to the heroine of hijack ‘Neerja’, Indian women have always stood up for their rights and fought their battles despite restrictions and limitations. They are the shining beacons of hope and have displayed exemplary dedication in their respective fields. Here are 8 Indian women who clearly deserve a standing ovation and compare yourself with the below names.

SARLA THAKRAL:  Dedicated personality as she was the first Indian woman to fly an aircraft and as she was married to a person who was also a pilot and had 9 pilots in his family, they encouraged her and she started dedicating her time in the same and became the first woman in India to attain her "A" license, when she accumulated more than 1,000 hours of flying. She, also known as Mati, became a successful businesswoman, painter and began designing clothes and costume jewellery

ANANDIBAI GOPALRAO JOSHI: The inspirational lady, Anandibai Gopalrao Joshi was one of the earliest Indian female physicians. She is referred as the first lady doctor of India. She was the first woman from the erstwhile Bombay Presidency of India to study and graduate with a two-year degree in western medicine in the United States. She is referred as the first lady doctor of India. At the age of fourteen, Anandibai gave birth to a boy, but the child lived only for ten days for lack of medical care. This proved to be a turning point in Anandi's life and inspired her to become a physician.


RANI LAKSHMI BAI: The fearless pioneer, the queen of Jhansi, Rani Lakshmibai dressed as a cavalry leader, was badly wounded; not wishing the British to capture her body, she told a hermit to burn it. After her death a few local people cremated her body. She was called ‘Chhabili’ by her Peshwa. She was educated at home and was more independent in her childhood than others of her age, her studies included shooting, horsemanship, fencing and mallakhamba with her childhood friends Nana Sahib and Tatya Tope. But this eternal soul never gives up on Jhansi.



SAINA NEHWAL: The indomitable spirit is only 27. Yet, she's the first Indian woman to win a medal in badminton at the Olympics. And that's not it. This 20-something has a lot more titles in her kitty. She is also the first Indian woman to win the World Junior Badminton Championship. She believes in creating barriers and making history and has clearly done the same.  She was able to attain the world no. 1 ranking, thereby becoming the only female player from India and overall the second Indian player – after Prakash Padukone – to achieve this feat. She has represented India three times in the Olympics, winning a bronze medal in her second appearance. Nehwal has achieved several milestones in badminton for India. Due to her, the popularity of Badminton sports increased in India.



MARY KOM: The true warrior, nicknamed magnificent Mary is an Indian Olympic boxer from Manipur. She is the only woman to become World Amateur Boxing Champion for a record of six times, and the only woman boxer to have won a medal in each one of the seven world championships. She not only won the medals for India but has strongly participated in the social causes as an animal rights activist, and supporter of PETA India, starring in an ad to call for an end to the use of elephants in circuses. Mother of three sons, a twin and a son, she managed to look after her family as well as her sports life very well.


SEERAT KAUR: As the resilient air force pilot lady officer, Seerat Kaur not just as a strong army wife who stands by her man, a woman can also be the one who herself will join the cause waiting to avenge her loved one, herself, and not flinching from any enemy. Defying the odds to save the strike team, she strategized with the officer to ensure their safe return from the enemy. We women are at the helm of this change now, women finding their spot under the sun, women showing the way, making the change and leading, stepping up the josh! India where a woman can be whoever she wants to be and strong men count on a tough woman’s support to get them out.

NEERJA BHANOT: The courageous young flight attendant named Neerja Bhanot boarded Pan Am Flight 73 that would be hijacked on its way to the United States of America. When hijackers boarded her plane, this 23 year old flight attendant gave her life to save the lives of hundreds. When the day ended, almost everyone survived the hijack, thanks to Neerja's quick-thinking and courage.

The story of the young Indian flight attendant who laid down her life to save that of 359 others has been told to death. “Mar jaungi lekin bhagungi nahin” an inspirational wordings by her woke up the true spirit in the young minds and the people who were on the flight still owe their lives to her and yet, remembering Neerja Bhanot with the right amount of respect has not been enough.


EVERY HOMEMAKER MOTHER: While there are several women who go on to perform well in their chosen fields outside their homes, there are many who sit at home and still own the world. The last, but definitely not the least, every Indian mother is an achiever we just cannot leave out. Parenting can be a task, we know that especially in today’s day and age when we all have careers, homes and families to juggle. Moms are great teachers for life! Whether it is about cooking, tips to clean your stains or desi nuskas for treating your pimple, she knows everything. And yes, apart from being the great teacher she already is, she is a perfect manager, who is managing our insane life and helping us cope up with things around us. However, there is always something special about Indian moms that set her apart from the others.

Make your mothers proud no matter what.


It’s not just about being a great personality but a whole lot of handwork, passion and compassion needed to be wise and potential young women of this era. So girls, flaunt your Flaws and live your life on your own terms.

Cheers to the boss ladies all around!!

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