Valentine’s day – a day to show your loved one just how much you care, to exchange cards, give gifts and celebrate the joy of being together while being in LGBT relationships, Valentine’s Day continues to be a bittersweet reminder of how far we still have to go to have our relationships acknowledged and validated. On this Valentine Day, while we share the love for others, let us also include our friends in the LGBT community.


Love is in the air and LGBT couples are looking for something romantic to do this Valentine’s Day. Indigifts has a specially curated range to cuddle close and feel the warmth especially in a quirky style and make your special Valentine Day date unforgettable.


LGBT couples don’t have to search for gay Valentine’s Day gifts’ for something that features rainbow pride flags slapped onto otherwise genderless gifts – they simply look for gifts that go beyond the clichés.


The ‘You add music to my life coffee mug’ based on special love will have you both smiling from ear to ear. Gift giving at Valentine Day is usually limited to flowers or that aforementioned little teddy bear. But it doesn’t have 

to be that way. There have always been plenty of options for couples who want something a bit different and today there are a slew of options for people who truly want to go against the grain.


Giving a gift from the heart means you can bypass anything labeled ‘Valentine Gifts’ completely. Browse around indigifts and remember the real spirit of Valentine Day – Celebrate Love.



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