Dad, Appa, Baba, Paa, Abba, Papa whatever we may call him, whenever we may call him or how many times we may call him, we know that he is always there for us. Whenever anyone calls dad the picture of a hero comes in our mind – strong, tough, focused, powerful, the one who can do everything and anything and who is always there to save us from small to big problems.


Dad gives a feeling of safety, protection, and care. When he is around, there is always a sense of well-being, where we know nothing can go wrong when he is with us. He makes everything seem so simple, it seems like there is nothing hard in earning money, in paying off the bills, in planning vacations, in managing the relationship and in a loving family. He is a selfless soul who lives for his family, who has planned the family future from education to insurance. He has made everything so easy and simplified from our present to the future which makes our life so smooth going.


The fun activities performed with dad are always amusing and joyous. Some of the best moments with him are playing games, doing last minute projects, cooking food, watching late night movies and remembering these stories later and sharing smiles with him. He is every child savior, the name which pops out in our brain when we are short of money, somebody troubles us, or when we want to go for a vacation is Dad.


“Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad, and that’s why I call you dad because you are so special to me”-Wade Boggs


In this fast moving life, we often forget to acknowledge our dad, the one who has never complained about working late or spending less time with family or about the cruel boss. Dad always comes home with a smile, content, and excitement. He sometimes brings chocolate, sometimes asks the marks I got in my test, sometimes take me for a ride or sometimes scold me but is always there by my side.


A child subconsciously follows the footsteps of his father, gets his trait and follows his activities. A father’s ideologies and beliefs impact a child’s thinking system. If a father distributes food to the beggars every day the child will start doing that too, if the father goes to the temple every Tuesday the child will learn why he goes there. A father is the biggest influencer and teacher for a child; he is always there by our side to teach us to do the right thing at the right time and in the right way.


Dad is the one who spoils you, impress your friends, take you shopping, is your private coach, fulfils your demands, listen to your problems, take you for a walk, play games with you, tells your childhood memories, makes you laugh when you cry and stand up for you when fingers are raised on you. Life just happened between dad telling night tales to us to telling our office stories to him.


Dad role in our life changes at various stages but one thing which will never change is that he is always holding a shield for us and is protecting us in every little way, sometimes he drops the shield for us to know the realities of the world but that’s also shielding, protecting us, isn’t it?


Dads are the pillars of strength in our lives. Whenever anything goes wrong around us looking at his confident, steady face eases out the stress. We know he is there for us, we know he will ease out the difficult situations and we know he never gives up. When he falls sick, something breaks him or when he doubts himself, he comes double stronger next time for his family. He never lets down his family.


Dad is the one who scolds us in our wrongdoing and motivates us when we are low, they give us a shout when we do mischief and a lesson from his life when we have complains about life. So rightly said that it is easy to become a father but difficult to become a dad. Dad goes from being the authoritative person in the house to the coolest person in the world, from the boss of the house to the friend we all need.


Dad gives the emotion of security, happiness, and calmness. He gives away his teachings and tells about his failures. He is the superhero in every child life –The superhero with the power of making everyone protected and safe. That’s dad  


This father’s day let’s make his heart smile and his soul shine. Let’s convey to our father how much they mean to us and that we are always there for them too. Share and spread the love this Father’s Day with Indigifts, with love.


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