Tips for some Spooky Halloween Fun

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Tips for some Spooky Halloween Fun
The Spooky Halloween Season
The spooky Halloween’s Day is not spooky at all. Rather it is a day of positivity and fun. Know the history, celebration and what one can do on Halloween’s Day here.
In many religions spirits are not considered bad, rather they are celebrated because their return helps fortune-tellers to guess precisely. Just like this, the Celts also celebrated Samhain. The Celts lived 2,000 years ago in present Ireland and France. Just like the Hindu Calendar, they had another day for the start of their year. They celebrated their New Year on November 1.
This day was special because it marked the end of summer and the start of cold spooky winters. This period was also considered to be the period of death for humans. It was believed that on the last day of the year, that is, 31st October, the boundaries between the living world and the spirit world became blurred. On the night of New Year’s Eve, it was considered that the spirit of the dead returned to the land of the living.
How Was Halloween Celebrated In The Celtic Times?
The spirits caused damage to the crops and were believed to make the future predictions easier for the Druids, or the Celtic Priests. Since the people were entirely dependent on land, they needed these predictions to survive through the cold and dark days of winter.
The Samhain, which is now known as Halloween, was initiated by burning the hearth fires of the homes in a village. Meanwhile, the harvest was being collected. After the collection, the locals along with the priest ignited community fire using a wheel. This wheel was interpreted as the sun because of the spark and flames it omitted. Some part of the harvest was left outside the village for the spirits.  
Since the spirit of the dead was visiting they might get tempted to take their loved ones back with them. To prevent this, the locals dressed in animal skin and disguised themselves as the spirits, therefore starting the age-old tradition of dressing up as ghosts on Halloween. 
With time, the traditions changed with the incorporation of carved turnips called Jack-O-Lantern and carved pumpkins in Ireland. 
Burning Samghnagans or bonfires near the harvest is still a common practice for farmers to protect their harvest and family from fairies and witches. Halloween pranks have been a part of the rituals of Samhain. 
The food preparation is also a ritual that dates back to the time when Halloween was Samhain. The dinner food was prepared by the families to treat the spirit of the ancestors, these good spirits were invited to the dinner and just like a family, they were treated with respect. The adults talked to them and told them all the things that have happened in the past year and the kids did pranks and entertained them. 
How Is Halloween Celebrated?
On Halloween people let go of the negative energies that hold them back and embrace the positivity of the new year. That is why people watch spooky movies and go to haunted places to release their negative energy in the form of fear. 
Usually, people mistake Halloween for the time of fear, but it is not. It is a time of accepting the unknown, embracing the positive energy, and tapping into the intuitions we feel in our daily life.
On this day, people light bonfires, wear spooky costumes, carve pumpkins, and assume to be Jack-o-Lantern, apple bobbing, telling scary stories, and visiting haunted houses.
What Can You Do This Halloween?
This Halloween it is quite obvious that no one will be able to gather in large numbers on the streets or go around for trick-or-treat. Thanks to unassumingly high and still rapidly rising corona numbers. This creates a demarcation on everyone who is now keenly interested in enjoying the night of spirits. And for those, there are many ways in which they can enjoy Halloween. 
Cook A Delicious Dinner
You can’t go out, but the spirit of your ancestors can come in. And you shouldn’t let them go empty stomach. For them, prepare a delicious and appetizing dinner. Make use of cooking manuals and tutorials and let this night be the night when every one of your family has a good meal.
Dress In Your House
You most probably have that costume you wore last year. Jump in those clothes and stay safe from the evil spirits. Even if you don’t have one costume or are new to celebrating Halloween, no worries. Learn how to do face makeup from many tutorials available online and deceive the spirits from taking you to the other world. Or maybe even do a Halloween Dress-up video conference with your best friends!
Decorate Your House
What can be better than decorating your house for the arrival of guests? Furthermore, supernatural guests. You can order everything from the online stores and can even go out with a little precaution. Pin those cobwebs on the walls or do a little DIY if you can’t find anything good.
Give Treats To Others
Sending each other virtual treats can be the best thing you can do this Halloween. Turn on your camera and video call your close friends. You can also give them a gift that scares them so that they can release their negative energy. This Halloween, celebrate it in a way that even the spirits don’t get infected by corona.

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