Top 7 Travel Destinations to Visit in India

Top 7 Travel Destinations to Visit in India

Holidays are approaching. Adventures are calling. The calendar is snatching your focus, wooing you to mark the dates. And the ‘to-do list’ is waiting for you to finally tick that travel box out and you just want to settle that travel craving you have been having for ages. (Hey lekhak, you exaggerate a lot yaar! I’m taking the lead from you!)

So, Hi! Indi this side, a travel guide that was missing in your life to date. I have been wandering here for a long time, doing all saam daam dand bhed so that this time my travel plans don't get shunned. Khair, I know you guys are sliding into that Dil Chahta Hai zone with discussions happening around travel destinations at the usual chai ka adda, throwing one spot after the other, beach or mountains, buzzing place or silent space, everyone is suddenly becoming that ‘azaad parindey’ who just wants to fly, kahin bhi, bas nikalna hai! I can feel the feelings of you guys! 

“Hum logon ko har saal na ek baar goa zaroor aana chahiye.” If this dialogue from DCH is tricking your brains then I guess it’s time. It's time to just get on the bike and RIDE AWAY! But you must be thinking jaye toh jaye kahan right? Oh BTW, I have removed Goa from the chart okay. Why, you ask? Well, 3 times back-to-back cancellation has made me do that! 

So now, I have decided to go beyond the usual and sort out some amazing travel destinations for new year celebrations for me and for you too, cuz as the best travel guide, I must ease your burden as well! Toh chaliye phir, let me route you towards sahi rasta. 


     1. Udaipur, Rajasthan 

  The Venice of the East

Talking about new year celebrations and holidays and we don’t talk about Udaipur, that’s impossible! Well, what has not been said about this city of lakes before? Historical palaces, heavenly lakes, fanciable restaurants & luxury hotels, every nook of the city offers amazing experiences & hospitality that will lure you to come here for a holiday outing. Budgeted yet exquisite, Udaipur is hands down the best new year holiday destination in India. 

  1. Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu 

  Princess of Hills 

Do you admire hills? Do you have an inclination towards trekking and mountaineering? Then, my friend, Kodaikanal is the perfect place for you. Imagine yourself trekking your way to the top of the hills to get a sight of the most stunning views, how insanely sane that’s going to be! Starting from boating, cycling, to horse riding, it’s “the” place for an avid traveler. The only way to experience the beauty of Kodaikanal is to go there. So, add it to your bucket list of New Year holiday trips in India. 

  1. Gulmarg, J&K

 The Heartland of Winter Sports

Enough of the land, it’s time to get high (okay not literally) but really the one place that’s meant to bring you solace is Gulmarg. You can guess it from the tagline, this beauty of Kashmir is for people who like to dive into sports. You can do skiing, snowboarding, heli-skiing, tobogganing and can catch heart-melting sights here. For all the travelers out there, visit Gulmarg and fall in the lap of snow and feel you are on cloud nine. (now that’s literal, okay!) Don’t wait you guys, just route to this “coolest” new year celebration & holiday place in India. 

  1. Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

 The Holy Shore of India 


It’s wisely said about Varanasi, “Even if you wander and get lost in the city of Banaras, you will find yourself in the city of Banaras.” A bank of ghats & temples, where the river Ganga flows & the wave of spirituality blows in the air, this is the place you must take into account if you are wanting to get into tune with yourself and explore the historical Indian culture. Inexpensive and incredible, Varanasi is one of the quintessential staycation places to visit in India on a budget.


       5. Ooty, Tamil Nadu 

    Queen of Hill Stations


The most versatile place to spend your staycation at! Whether you are seeking to hide out in a peaceful zone or you want to stay in the middle of a crowded street and blend in with the chaos around, Ooty is the place to experience everything, nature or living settings. You really don’t have to think about the weather before heading out. It’s always serene and exceptionally beautiful in Ooty in all seasons. Get on a family trip or a weekend off with friends, this is the best option for taking a new year trip in South India. 

  1. Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu 

  The French Strand of India


Pondicherry, aka Puducherry, aka Pondy- a French paradise, settled in the south of India, has a beautiful composition of French and Indian architecture. Aesthetically amusing colonial streets & markets, calm and clean seashores, fusion cuisines & french bakeries, Pondicherry offers a lot in its space for a classy new year party. While here, do make a nearby visit to the town of Auroville, one of the most unusually gorgeous places to visit in India. 

  1. Gokarna, Karnataka

  A Golden Olden-Era Land 

 If peacefulness combined with striking scenery excites you, then Gokarna town is the place you must fly to! Beaches and temples are the two most famous attractions of this place, making pilgrimages as well as avid tourists coming over to get into the space of relaxation and sanity. So, if you are planning to visit Gokarna with your parents, then make the olden temples your destination and if you are making plans with your squad, then the thrilling beach parties will have you sorted. In total, Gokarna makes for one of the best new year celebration places in India. 

Okay, now that I have sorted your travel destination, it’s time to let your travel bag pack. 

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See you in the next blog. 

Happy Holidays!


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