10 Unique Ways to Celebrate Birthday in 2023

10 Unique Ways to Celebrate Birthday in 2023

We all have such beautiful memories from our childhood, kuch yaade zaroor thodi dhundli hogi but listening to the stories from our parents or brother/sister brings nostalgia. It’s always a pleasure for the birthday boy/girl to celebrate their beautiful milestone but planning for a birthday, Oh my! It’s a stress-giving job. 

Surprising or planning a birthday party for someone is the most important yet lovely  thing to do for that someone special, lekin sabse mushkil bhi. There are a number of things to keep in mind and a whole lot of things to manage. Kabhi kabhi lagta hai apun hi santa claus hai! You are making a plan, inviting people, baking a cake, searching for a perfect gift, decorating the place, aur uper se Birthday boy/girl ko pata na chale uska bhi dhyan rakho. Dude, there are tons of tasks to complete, and managing all this takes a lot of effort and if you have ever done it, we appreciate you.

birthday celebration idea

Lekin waqt ke sath cheezie bhi badal gai hai, today I don’t believe you need to do so much hassle to make someone happy. Kehte hai khushiya choti choti cheezo se banti hai and it’s the emotion that matters the whole bunch of love, affection, and more love rather than a big wooohuu! Party. Isilye we, ‘Indigifts’, have listed some amazing ways to celebrate your special one’s birthday in a simply special way.


1. Throw a Themed Party:

Party karne ki tension? No fikkar when we are here. Surprise the birthday boy/girl with a theme party jisko dekh ke dil bole more. It could be a color theme party or a masti wali pajama party, there are many options to choose from just like the gifting range of Indigifts, jaha apko milega har kisike dil ka tohfa.


 2. Plan Nothing:

If your friend is also introverted, bass apni hi duniya meh mast rehta/rehti hai, then the best way to surprise them is to plan nothing since the lazy souls would not be up for anything and bring to them a sweet cake and aalsi kit gift for your lazy friend. Inta hi nehi aur suniye, you can gift them a range of zodiac gifts voh bhi Indigifts pe miljaega.



3. Go for a Long Drive:

Kya aapka birthday boy/girl bhi uski life mein busy hai? Kya voh bhi iss kaam ki bhagam bhag mein enjoy nahi kar pa raha?, Kidnap them and take them for a long drive jaha milega unko sukoon and let them enjoy their special day with special people around them.

plan a long drive to celebrate birthday


4. Family-Time:

Birthday pe gifts mile na mile lekin bado ka aashirwad zaroor milta hai with loads of cash (101 rupaiya ). And all of them will upload your embarrassing childhood photos as a status on Whatsapp to wish you, lekin voh bhi toh pyaar hi hai. So let’s celebrate your birthday with family & friends, to create more embarrassing photos with sweet memories and make it more beautiful with the Indigifts gift range.


5. Long Distance Wala Surprise:

Kya bhi apne someone special de dur hai and going to miss them on their birthday? Don’t worry we won’t let that happen, surprise them with a sweet video-recorded message packed with a Multipurpose Expanding Stylish Travel Accessories Bag with a Travel Notepad, Pen, and Badge, a perfect long-distance wala gift. 

unique birthday gifts


6. Let’s Nacho:

Party chalegi all night long and aunty police bulalegi toh yrr hum krlege handle. Suprise your ‘21 ka hone wala hu’ friend by taking them to a club and let things go wild qki aisa moka phir abhi na milega. Let the DJ and booze drive your party and rahi gift ki baat, and send them a Happy Birthday printed mug by Indigits the next morning. ( Hangover ke baad coffee ki zaruraat padegi )


7. Movie Night:

Pathaan ka jaadu toh sab pe chal raha and if your birthday special is also a filmy keeda then you have no tension in planning other stuff, let Shah Ruk Khah or Kartik Aryan or Kiara Advani do your job. Take them out for a movie night and let them have their own fun.

watch a movie on your birthday


8. Dinner Party:

If your Birthday boy/girl is a big time bhookhad then let them unleash their inner beast at a dinner party jaha unka dil aur peet dono hi bhar jaega and don't forget to give them a special birthday Bhukkadd kit for your foody friend by Indigifts.



9. Suprise…Surprise:

Don’t let anyone stop you from planning a perfect birthday surprise for your special one and to help Indigits is here with a range of birthday gifts for him/her. Surprise them with a cozy happy birthday printed cushion or special wall poster and much more…

plan a birthday surprise


10. Quality Time:

Best gift for someone in today's time is time itself, kisike ke 2 pal wakt nikal kr in-person greeting karna and celebrating with them is priceless. And Indigits believe ki khushiya sath mile baatni chahiye. Celebrate your loved one's birthday by reliving the good old memories with a photo memory storyboard by Indigifts.

birthday gifts


Indigifts has a perfect plan for each someone's special birthday, chahe voh koi dost ho ya phir ghar wali. It is us who deliver a little joy and happiness to your door by wrapping and dropping the perfect dil khush karne wala blasting birthday gifts from anyone to everyone.

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