Sagittarius is the ninth astrological sign, which is associated with the constellation of Sagittarius. It is a half-human and half horse, also known as the Archer. Sagittarius is represented by the symbol of a bow and arrow. It is also a sign that comes after Scorpio, representing everything that comes after a cycle of life that has ended. This symbol caters to those born between 22nd November and 21st December.

And here the Sagittarius season is about to begin, here's a bit of insight to some special things of this zodiac sign:

  1. Sagittarius is an optimist that dreams BIG.

    Sagittarius are all excited and are optimistic about what's to come. They see no purpose behind remaining over their difficulties and fairly revolve around playing to their characteristics.

    They're adequately crazy to acknowledge that they can make all of their dreams come true if they just chase them hard enough.

  2. Sagittarius is witty and has a wicked sense of humor.


    People under this zodiac sign love to make people laugh by their funny and relatable stories. They have a good sense of humor and narrates the best stories at the party and make you laugh till your stomach aches.

  3. Sagittarius can be restless and impatient.

    Sagittarius wants everything yesterday and is always looking around the next corner in life ready to chase the next big thing.

    At the point when things aren't moving at the pace that Sagittarius likes to carry on with their life, they can end up getting disappointed and grouchy according.

  4. Sagittarius can read you like a book.


    The Sagittarius is crazy intuitive and is often able to read your character and intentions like a book.

    They can get a decent read on an individual close to meeting them and can naturally get on things that other persons in the room miss.

  5. Sagittarius can’t stand selfish people or sore losers.

    Such zodiac sign people can’t take selfish people. They just like being honest and coming straight to the point and saying what’s the truth.

  6. They are frank and honest.

    Sagittarians are known for saying the 'painful truth', however, then again, individuals realize that they can believe what they state since they generally state what is genuine. A Sagittarius never shrouds anything.

  7. Sagittarius is an adventurous freak and likes to experience different things.

    They have a keen desire to go on adventurous trips. They don’t like living in a monotonous or boring life. They just want to experience other things.

  8. Sagittarius is very hard to fool.

    It’s very hard to fool a Sagittarius as they are very cunning and intelligent. So don’t dare to underestimate their quick-witted personality and their ability to think ten-step ahead. They are always ready with other plans when any of their plans get fail.

  9. Sagittarius is very cautious about who they give their hearts to and takes time to commit.

    The Sagittarius isn't the sort of individual to settle down with the principal individual that shows enthusiasm for them and they won't go into a relationship except if they truly feel that the individual is justified, despite all the trouble.

  10. Sagittarius is independent doesn’t like to be controlled.

    Sagittarius simply despise silly rules forced upon them by the spirits who don't have any privilege on them. So absolutely never attempt to control their life or question them about everything they might do as they will it doesn't mind to remove themselves as quickly as possible.

  11. They make excellent friends.

    Sagittarius esteems companions more than anything and will go to mind-blowing lengths for them. They'll successfully ensure those they love are cheerful, anticipating nothing consequently.

Basically, taking all the best aspects from every other star sign, put them all together, and you have a Sagittarian.

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