Corporate gifting has been prevalent since time immemorial. A quick peek into the history tells that traders in the ancient world would bring the precious gifts from their respective lands and give them to the traders of another country as a token of trust and appreciation. The trend has continued and is still relevant in the 21st -century world. Of course, one thing has changed - the corporate gift items.


Today, whether you are a big and established business empire or a small business enterprise, corporate gifting is integral to every organization. It does not matter whether you are located in metro cities or tier-III cities in India, every one love unique corporate gifts. Moreover, brands use corporate gift items to boost brand awareness, strengthen the relationship with customers and partners and also forge new collaborations.

Corporate gifts are popular in India as there are various festivals celebrated all across the year. All these special events like Diwali, Dussehra, Holi, Christmas calls for something special and something unique. A perfect gift is the only best choice. New Year is another occasion which is celebrated by the corporates and different businesses exchange gifts during this time.

There are myriad corporate gift items available today at shopping sites, retail stores and other places. But there are only a few which provide unique, exciting and thoughtful gifts that touch the heart and mind of the individual. At Indigifts, we exactly know the pulse of business people and our premium and an excellent range of corporate gift items are one of a kind. Visit for the complete range of gift items available.

Gone are the days when dry fruits and sweets box alone would appeal to people. It has become a cliché to provide such gifts. In an age that screams differentiation and where ‘unique’ is the buzz word all around, your corporate gift items should stand out as well. Only such gifts will be memorable and will bring great value and appreciation. Find out some of the best gift hampers for men and women here:

Gifts for Employees

Employees are the backbone of any organization. It is imperative to motivate the team members, boost their morale and form a strong bond with everyone. It is important to reward the performers at appropriate time and encourage others to follow suit. A team that works together succeeds together. What else other than a corporate gift items you can present to your employees to make them feel best? There are limited edition indulgent gift hampers, and much more which you can easily present to the male and female performers of the month.
You can visit and find out more for your employees.

Gifts for Clients

Clients and customers are those with whom you want to maintain a good relationship in the long run. They are the special people who deserve special gifts as well. corporate gift items are a token of appreciation that a business entity offers to clients and customers. Other times, the business profits made through them is another opportunity to show your gratitude. Moreover, it establishes goodwill between two parties and starts a new chapter of the prolonged business relationship.

Now there are different type of clients. Some have been associated with you for decades. Others are new connections who you want to impress with your courtesy gifts. The corporate gift items should leave a lasting impression on their minds. Gifts in that sense are deal makers who can get you more business opportunities. Many successful collaborations begin with a good gift. You wouldn’t want to miss the same. There are exclusive gift hampers and electronic items available at The Gift Studio. You can choose the best ones and make them memorable for clients/customers.

Gifts for business partners

Business partners and associates are an integral part of any business. It is their support that helps companies to move forward and achieve different business objectives without hassles. Gifting the business partners is essential to maintain the relationship and rapport with them. The wide range of gifts such as Wine & Spirit, Premium Cakes, Curated Hampers and corporate gift items provides you immense options to gift to your business partners. Some of the best gift hampers would be THE ULTIMATE ASIAN SNACK BOX, FRUIT BASKET options, THE VEGAN GOODIE BOX, THE GLUTEN FREE BOX and many more.

Gifts for Management

There is always a time when employees can turn the tables and gift management for their support. It can be your boss, team leader or any senior staff who have helped you with honing necessary work skills. Else, it can just be an appreciation gift, farewell or birthday. Whatever be the occasion, you can find the best corporate gift items for management at The Gift Studio.

Gifts for Occasions

As mentioned before, there are several festivals celebrated across India. All these events are enjoyed and celebrated at offices too. You can decorate the spaces with vibrant balloons, flowers and other items from The Gift Studio. Moreover, such special occasions are the best time to gift the employees some sweet gifts which are not just laddoos but something special. This is where gift hampers with snacks, chocolates, wine, cookies, and other delicacies will make a good gift for everyone. The mouth-watering items will make your employees happy and feel delighted. If you are onto something else, you can opt for electronic items as well.

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