Appreciating the art of photography

Appreciating the art of photography

Photography an Art

This blog is not about the specifications of a lens or list of influential photographers, but merely about appreciating the art form that is photography. Easy to learn, hard to master. Whether it is Wildlife, Fashion, Advertisement, Documentary, Weddings or any other, photography is a medium which captures your attention and grabs you; urges you to wait and listen to the story it wants to tell.



Many people who have a passion for photography quit their high paid jobs and pursue a career in photography. They do this because photography satisfies the soul, and is a way to capture a moment under your fingers. A good photographer does not necessarily have a degree in some of the top art institutes but often are self-taught and mastered.

There are many talented photographers all over the world, constantly torn between having a well-paid monotonous job and following their passion of photography just like Farhan Qureshi. Although a competitive field, it is also satisfying and fruitful.


Ever developing

Photography has come a long way. Once upon a time, the cameras were the size of a vehicle, while now they fit into a tiny sensor of a phone with unbelievable capabilities. From temporary or black and white images to ultra HD and 4k Images and Videos with slow-mo. From black and white grainy photographs to automated drones. These technology developments do not seem to be slowing down.

Photography as philosophy 

The capability of freezing a moment in time, to forever cherish the numerous details, and how magical it can seem. This is what makes photography special. And this will always be how we remember our history and moments, from small to epic; through photographs.

This World Photography Day, let’s all try to express our thoughts, stories through photography. You don’t need to be good at it to enjoy it and find it satisfying. Let’s click something we love or find intriguing, and let’s make it a habit of doing so. Who knows? You might just find a hidden talent that you’ve always had but had never gotten a chance to show itself.

Photography at a personal level

Not everything needs to be commercial and not all pictures clicked need to have a motive of earning. Sometimes you click for yourself, sometimes because you felt something. And sometimes it’s just to capture a moment of your friend leaving. All of these matters, whether as a hobby or as a passion. So don’t let anything stop you, even if your photography is a little bit rough around the edges.

We hope you got inspired to try out clicking a few pictures of important things in your life, like your parent’s smile, a hardworking labour, a setting sun or a tree during monsoon. P.s, here’s a bonus tip to try out if you’re starting out. Try clicking through a prism or a magnifying glass and experiment with lights and shadows! It will surely give some interesting results.


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