Teachers Day Special

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Teachers Day Special

Role of a teacher

गुरुर्ब्रह्मा ग्रुरुर्विष्णुः गुरुर्देवो महेश्वरः  

गुरुः साक्षात् परं ब्रह्म तस्मै श्री गुरवे नमः  

 In a country like ours where the teacher is given the place of God, it will be quite uncommon for us to not celebrate a day completely dedicated to them. In India, Teacher’s Day is celebrated on 5th September, on the birth anniversary of Former President Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, a renowned scholar, teacher and promoter of education. He worked so hard to make education easily accessible in India, that we dedicated an entire day to him.

It is not easy being a teacher. From the start of the day, till the end, teachers receive thousands of queries from students with varying mental capacities. With some students being notorious and difficult to teach and others being very sentimental. Despite the difficulties, teachers prove that they take care of us even better than our parents sometimes. Maybe this is why it happens, that one day we end up calling our teacher’s “maa” instead of “ma’am.” You might not remember the teacher who held your hand and made you get up when you fell in school for the first time, but there are chances that s/he remembers you. Or maybe the one whom you clung to when you were feeling inferior in the class. A teacher has many roles in our life, and our teachers shape us and make us who we are. 

You don’t need to go to school, college or university to have a teacher. You have them inside your home too. A mother is the first teacher for any child, she teaches the child how to live in the world, how to survive. But, the child usually grows up and forgets the gratitude it should have towards his mother. Or maybe the father who taught you how to ride a bike, how to stand up to bullies, yes, he taught you something so he is your teacher too.  

Many times we forget the importance of teachers in our lives. And, when we get old we sometimes forget why a teacher is so important. Here are a few reminders of why being a teacher is the most important job there is:

They introduce us to a new world

The teacher is known to be the “introducer” of the new world. Remember, the teacher who pushed you ahead to write an article then present it in front of the whole class. She/he did it, so that you get rid of your stage fear and so that you can be a confident speaker. Or a teacher who made you love books and gave you a new world in the form of books. 

Don’t you think you should wish them this teachers day, for being such an amazing teacher? Go ahead and call that great teacher whose influence you can never forget.


Teachers teach us how to adjust in the real world

A teacher can be a sweetheart but the other might have been the one who scolded you unnecessarily. But don’t you think that was important? They made you ready for university where the rules are quite strict and the boss who will overburden you with work. 

That’s why even the teachers who always got angry have been so important for your growth. Just like a father. they teach you how to be strong.

Give those teachers a small gift in the form of a scroll from Indigifts and maybe they will chuckle or feel proud.

Teachers are your friends

Remember the teacher or the counsellor who listened to your breakup story and made you believe that you are the best? Or maybe the teacher who used to talk about cartoons or movies in the class? Teachers are your seniors and there is a huge age difference between you and them. There is a chance that they might not like the way your generation dresses or talks but at the end of the day, they treat you like their own child. And just like their own child, they treat you with love, care and friendliness. 

Surprise them with a gift and see how happy they get about it.

Teachers are strong

After your mother, father and sibling, you meet your teacher. They treat you like someone who is their own. Imagine how bad they must have felt when you passed the class or school or college and moved on with your life. A teacher experiences an emotional roller coaster every year. Where they are happy for their tiny tots to grow and move out of school but are sad because their favourite children might never contact them again. But, have you ever seen a teacher crying at your farewell? No, because they always wish the best for you and are proud of you.

 Call up that teacher you thought of while reading this. This year, you’re supposed to maintain distance from everyone but that doesn’t mean that you can’t express your gratitude and closeness you feel for your teacher. Send a gift or a message or a token that will make them heartily happy.

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