Grandparents and you

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Grandparents and you

Everybody loves going to their grandparents' house whenever they get their leaves and vacations. Their fondness for their grandparents increases as well as they grow up. But then what changes? Their way of showing love. 

In our society, grandparents are treated with respect and dignity. They tie the family together as they pass on the culture, values, and beliefs from one generation to the other. They are the idols to every child and present the world to the child in a way the parent will never be able to. This is why it is said that experience matters. And who can be more experienced than our grandparents in raising kids? 

This year, the day of our loved ones falls on 13 September 2020. On Grandparent’s day, the grandchild shows its gratitude to their Grandparents, for the various contributions they have made during the upbringing of the child. A tree is nothing without its roots and thus it is equally important to be there for the grandparents too. This care can be in the form of a few loving words or a thoughtful gift that can be easily searched for at Indigifts.  

In today’s time, when everyone is living in a small nuclear family and does not have enough time to give to its relations, it becomes quite predictable, that he/she will struggle at many life events involving relationships. The lack of our attachment to the elderly has similar effects like when a branch is broken away from the roots. It will dry and wither away.  

Grandparents are old, there is a generation gap between you and your dada-dadi or nana-nani. There might be situations, in which you might want to talk to them but get scared of the difference of opinions. But, then it is essential to stay put and talk to them. How do you do learn to do that? You become mature and try to understand their point of view. You try to understand the differences and the language you should be using while communicating with them. There are chances that they won’t be able to understand the lingo or phrases we use. Think of words and phrases which are easier for them to understand. Or just go ahead and talk in your mother tongue. An elder person will never be disappointed in you if you show them that you have kept alive the culture and values that they instilled in you. 

Remember when you were young and used to go to your grandma’s home and came back with a lot more weight because of how much delicious food your Grandma fed you? This shows how much your grandma loves you. Now, it's your turn to show your affection. Ask her to come over for a day or so and cook for her. Invite your grandfather too and show them that you have grown enough to take care of yourself. Show them that in their presence you have slowly become self-sufficient. There is nothing in this world that can beat the satisfaction a grandparent gets when they see their toddlers growing up and becoming an individual. 

But, you would’ve tried to do this when it was the pre-corona time. But now, being secured up in the house and having an immense risk of getting your loved ones infected, what can you do? There are still many ways in which you can celebrate this grandparent’s day, without /missing out on the fun. 

Call your grandparents up

Even though they are not so used to technology, there are chances that they might have learned how to use a smartphone properly during the recent pandemic. Get them on a video call and look at how elegant they look even with the wrinkles and grey hair. You are the reason behind their smile when you talk to them.  

Write a letter to them

A handwritten letter with your respect for your elders is the go-to option to melt their hearts. No matter how much your grandfather might criticize you for being late or not doing a certain task precisely, he will surely get happy and emotional when he reads your letter of affection. 

Give them a Gift

Along with the letter, you can give them a gift that is distinct in itself. A cushion that provides comfort and is expressive with a few words that are heartfelt. Remember, your grandparents have the expertise of reading between the lines. If you just write down that “you are the best grandpa”, he will know which of his qualities you admire and how much you love them.

So, have you decided how you will celebrate this Grandparent’s day? This year is difficult yet important. So how about expressing your affection for those who were there when your parents were busy. 

Do something for them. Their happiness will make you truly happy.

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