Go All Out this Friendship Day with Indigifts!

Go All Out this Friendship Day with Indigifts!

From the Iconic song ‘Ye dosti hum nahi todenge’ of the movie ‘Sholay’ we come a long way into the modern way but still, the ‘Yaari-Dosti’ relationship remains the same.

Dosti to sirf ittefaq hai,
Yeh to dilon ki mulaqat hai..
Dosti nahi dekhti ye din hai ki raat hai,
Isme to sirf wafadari or jazbaat hain..!

Friends are our chosen family who sticks with us in good and bad times. It is a link to treasure for the rest of one's life. So a day dedicated to honoring your dear friends demands special presents

gifts for friends

Friendship Day is observed on the first Sunday of August in India, and this year it falls on August 7. Many individuals celebrate the day by wrapping a friendship band around the wrists of their pals, while others believe in spending quality time with their chosen family.

Here are some things you can do to celebrate your closest friend's friendship.



August brings with it a number of ‘Tyohaars’. It is the month of several festivities in India, such as Friendship Day, Independence Day, Rakshabandhan, Janmashtami, and so on. The first Sunday of August is Friendship Day, an age-old practice of honoring the joy of friendship.



Friendship day emerged first from Joyce Hall, the founder of Hallmark cards who wanted to celebrate it on 2nd august. However, friendship day quickly faded in popularity in the United States as many realized it was really a ruse to sell greeting cards. However, the majority of Asian countries continue to celebrate Friendship Day.

The United Nations General Assembly formally created International Friendship Day on July 30 to promote and support peace, happiness, and unity on April 27, 2011. Though in India as we know it is celebrated on the first Sunday of August.



Celebration Around the World

Around the world, people celebrate International Friendship Day with zest and vigor. Friendship Day is centered on the joy of giving and the core of mankind. Friendship, since its beginning, has been about sharing and celebrating happiness with an individual or group of individuals with whom you can share everything and enjoy the magnificent gift of life.

Friends have a particular place in our hearts. Apart from our family, it is our friends that assist us in all of life's ups and downs." they are the Joey to my Chandler." Some friends are like family, and they not only give us advice but also punish us when we make errors and steer us in the correct direction.

friendship day gifts

Friendship Day is all about honoring the lovely essence of friendship, happiness, and mutual respect. It's not just a day, but a whole mood.

Though the dates change each year, the first Sunday of August is a religious festival of friendship for friends. This day is heartily enjoyed by the finest of friends. This day is much anticipated by children, school pupils, and college students. For Friendship Day, the markets, stores, and malls are brimming with presents, cards, and banners. 



Friendship Bands

Friendship day bands

There are several presents that may be offered on this particular day, such as cards, chocolates, flowers, friendship day bands, and so on, but nothing beats the essence of tying those beautiful and vibrant friendship day bands around your friends' wrists. Friendship bands are especially popular among high school and college students, who treat it as a festival.



Gifts for Friendship Day - Celebration with Presents

A Bhukkad Kit - for the Foodie Friend

Gift for foody friends

Food lovers are everywhere including everyone’s group of friends. And presenting them with a foodie kit is a gift straight from heaven. So get your friends a ‘Bhukkad’ kit from Indigifts now and just watch them jump with joy. As the various festival offers and discounts are going on you can get it at the best price.

A Kalakaar Kit - for the Artist Friend

gift for artist friends

Getting a ‘Kalakaar kit’ from Indigifts for an artist friend is the best way to greet him/her on this friendship day. As the festivities of friendship day and Raksha Bandhan are going on you should also take the opportunity to grab this cool kit at discount.

Eye Masks -  for the sleep lovers

friendship day gifts

Nothing is more important than a peaceful nap to a ‘couch potato’ friend. This is the reason Indigifts has created lots and lots of eye masks with fun and quirky lines quoted on them. You can check all of them from here or on major ecommerce sites.

Zodiac Signed Mouse Pads - for the workaholic

friendships day gift

And what about friends who are always busy on their computers? A zodiac mouse pad is going to be a huge surprise for your best friend. You can check the collection of zodiac signed mouse pads from the above-mentioned categories.

Nothing beats spending a whole day with your closest buddy on a special occasion like Friendship Day. It will be a welcome respite from your hectic routine, and it will also make the day memorable. You two may do pleasurable activities together such as playing games, cooking together, and watching movies, among other things. This will also give you time to catch up on all of your BFF's life updates.

Though as we also know nothing beats a good present too especially if it is from a trendy place like Indigifts. Indigifts has a lot of indigenous and handcrafted gifts for this special occasion.

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