How to Plan a Thanksgiving Party

How to Plan a Thanksgiving Party

If you ask any young and urban Indian what this term actually means, they'll give you specifics from every American TV show they've watched, whether it's HOW I met your mother, FRIENDS, or even Modern Family. The adjectives 'American celebration' and 'turkey' will be the most frequently used to characterize this November day.

how to plan a thanksgiving party

So, Planning a Thanksgiving party? Worry not, it couldn't be simpler! Start by assuming nothing can go wrong – because really, with all the complexities of hosting such a monumental event in your own home people get nervous. Check out various thanksgiving decorations and gift ideas that will help you to plan for this Thanksgiving in a grand manner.


A night out with friends

thanksgiving party


A night out and enjoying it with your friends could be a great way to spend this Thanksgiving night. Gather up all your homies and let the fun begin. Or maybe invite some friends that have helped you in bad situations and you are thankful to them. Also, don’t forget to get a cool gift from Indigifts for them.


Go Goa - The paradise for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is largely observed in the Indian state of Goa under a different name. In India, Thanksgiving is commonly referred to as 'Ladin' or 'Ladainha.' People praise God for all the practical and spiritual blessings at the Thanksgiving rite. Every year, Goa celebrates this festival with great joy, and this year you should be a part of this feast too.

goa thanksgiving party



Planning a Dinner

Plan a great dinner with all your family members. It’s Thanksgiving, right? We should be grateful and should also pray before eating for all the food that we have got which has kept us alive even in dire situations. Also, dinner is a great way to meet people you haven’t seen in a while.


Thanksgiving Gifts

thanksgiving dinner
So what better way to say ‘Thank You’ other a lovely and charismatic gift
  • A Digital Printed Wall Hanging - Indigifts has loads and loads of wall hangings and also in various shapes and sizes as well. These hangings can be the perfect thanksgiving gifts. Get what you love and say thanks in the coolest way possible!

thanksgiving gifts  

  • Nazarbattu Wall Frames - These wall frames can fill the space with funkiness and do not let the bad energies hit the door, ever. Thus, these frames are the literally best thanksgiving gifts for your friends and family members. 
best thanksgiving gifts 
  • Handmade DIY Natural Jute Planter - A planter to show some care about mother earth and nurture life. This can be a very unique eco-friendly thanksgiving gift for all the loved ones. 

thanksgiving gifts

  • Floral Printed Coffee Mugs -  A ceramic drinkware which has sturdiness beyond any load and digitally printed designs that are catchy and wacky, you can gift to anyone as a thanksgiving gifts. 

thanksgiving gifts



Take a Moment & Be Thankful

Well at last thanksgiving is all about ‘giving thanks’. Check out these things for which you should be grateful for this Thanksgiving 

  • For the roof above your head
  • For the food on your plate
  • For all the lovely friends of yours
  • For taking us through hard times (Covid)
  • For the blessing of a better tomorrow


    Now you're off and running - just remember to wait until the night before your party to begin decorating, invite guests very late so you don't have time for any awkward conversations about politics or religion (which is totally understandable!), and enjoy watching your hard work crash and burn as stress starts to build up!

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