Quirky Wedding Gift Ideas for Couples

Quirky Wedding Gift Ideas for Couples

As we all know weddings are a place of celebration and for newlyweds a step to start a new chapter of their life. Who doesn't enjoy a good wedding? Any Indian celebration is enjoyable, but celebrating love and the birth of a new family is out of this world! And what makes weddings more colorful are the various wedding gifts that the newly-wed gets.

Are you stuck in finding the most romantic/useful personalized wedding gifts for couples? Take no worries, as we are presenting you a list of some of the coolest gifts you can present to the ‘naye navele jode of love’ for their eternal love and prosperity in life.



The Pyaar Ka Nazrana Box

The ‘pyar ka nazarana’ box from Indigifts is one of the best gifts you can present to the couple. This special gift hamper consists of all the things that they will keep in their heart forever. With items, such as a heart-shaped candle, a love printed cushion, and 7 vows scroll that is romantic as well as memorable, you can make their day more special.



The Soulmate Scroll Hamper

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The soulmate scroll gift hamper is also one such fine piece of art that the newly-weds will admire profoundly. With the most precious gift items inside it, this hamper will reminisce about their love life and will bring more love and laughter to the newly formed family.



An “OMG!! She/He Is Getting Married” Beer Mug

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A gift for your friend who is getting married. Show them this token of friendship and love from your side and make them keep the good old day in their heart when going ahead on a new journey. Also, a cool way to warn them “Hey! Don’t forget me even after you are married”.



The ‘Special’ XOXO Kit

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A special kit for the special people. The xoxo or the ‘naughty love’ kit is one of the best wedding gifts for couples you can think of. With the naughtiest pieces of love, this special gift hamper will stand out and has its own charm. Comes with an activity book, handcuffs, and an eye mask and is the ultimate epitome of quirkiness.



The Photo Memory Story Board

How can you forget the pictures of the moments in which you were laughing and were having the best memories of life? Worry no more as the special photo memory board from the house of Indigifts is the one for you. Tag all your or their precious memories in this and present it as a gift the couple is going to fall in love again and again.



The Couple Games ‘Playful’ Kit

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Specially designed to ignite flames of love and romantic fantasies in the newly made relationship. This kit has a love coupon book and a mischievous activity book to set the right mood for the couple. This wedding season grab a playful hamper and just see the magic. The couples will praise you for decades, we are sure!



Biwi Ka Instruction Magnetic Board Gift

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So now it’s time for an instruction manual so that the newly created ‘grihasthi’ can go on the right track. Our ‘biwi ka instruction magnetic bord’ does the same. You have to follow the rules or else ‘tumhari khair nahi’. Gift this cute yet mandatory gift item and the bride is going to thank you forever.


Gone through the whole page? We know that you have chosen something till now. But wait this is not the end as the whole new treasure of top gifts is waiting for you in the Indigifts store. Go through it and you will find the most amazing gift for your most amazing couple with the most amazing discounts and offers.

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