Sisters to the Rescue

Sisters to the Rescue

Gifts for Sibling, Rakhi Special. Superheroes designer Gifts


A Sister is someone who loves you from the heart. No matter how much you argue you cannot be drawn apart. She is a joy that cannot be taken away. Once she enters your life, she is there to stay.”

“No matter how much I want to argue with her and fight with her, I know for sure that in times when no one will be there, she will stand with me as my Partner in Crime.”

No matter how much we deny, women are emotionally more sensitive, aware and stronger than men as per studies it’s no point to deny that emotionally intelligent people separate their thoughts from the facts in order to escape the cycle of negativity and move towards a positive, new outlook. Now you know why sisters can act maturely in most of the family situations and come up with a solution and why you always go running to her when you need to make an important situation (wink wink). JK, but sisters are very strong emotional pillars in any family, we look up to them and always seek advice from them in regards to an emotional crisis.

Break the stereotype and actually surprise your sister with something meaningful rather than the boring chocolates which she needs but definitely as a supplementary to the actual “gift”. Remember what would you do without her when you have to convince your mom for that Goa trip, and who is going to take your side in front of dad when you “accidentally” get his car scratched (by this I mean like a major dent), and sisters you also need to give credit to your brothers for making you look the smarter sibling.

Therefore we at Indigifts understand the absolute importance of the sibling bond, therefore cater to a huge range of gifts to pamper your siblings.

“Childhood Memories” is a collection which is more like a nostalgic ride back into those precious moments when you fought, laughed, lived life with your sibling, while the “Superhero Collection” is our take on the famous characters, for all the fans who will be thrilled to the core! Brothers are Super Heroes for all Sisters, so this rakhi let your brother feel super special with our unique sibling editions and strengthen your bonds!

      Brother and Sister annoying each other      Sister waiting for brother to tie rakhi, brother coming with special Indigifts for her

Cushions, Coffee mugs, eye masks, Mousepads, Badge Magnets, from home décor to accessories, a lot to choose from to pamper your sisters, when you need her to do something for you or seek some advice for the “new girl” that you like! Likewise, we cannot deny no matter how crazy our brothers may be, they deserve some love especially when they lend you their oversized t-shirts and cool gadgets once in a while.

Keep loving and annoying your sisters and wish you all a very Happy Raksha Bandhan to all the notorious brothers and smart sisters!


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