Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Type of Dad

Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Type of Dad

Fathers - the code for happiness. Your hero, anchor, and your constant source of inspiration. No matter what the palace is, the situation is, time is, when we get stuck at something, the one thing that comes to our mind is Papa hai na, sab sambhal lenge. So to the one who has given you the fun, smart, cool genes, thank him in tonnes! Beta, Papa ka naam roshan karne ka time aa gaya hai. Bring to your dad a moment of pride by going all thoughtful with gifts this Father’s Day.

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Confusion mein ho and not sure what to go for? Cuz we all know, papa advises to light-up everyone’s lives around, but he never asks anything for himself. Not happening this time!

Your stress has been reported and transferred to us and we have taken out a list of gifts suitable for all the different personalities of dads out there. (Hey lekhak, itna confidence in your selection?!) Yes, explore some really unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the one jo rishtey mein humare BAAP lagte hai. Let’s roll!



The Strict Dad

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Parampara, Pratishtha, aur Anusashan, it didn’t get famous just like that, our dads made it famous! Kaha ja rahe ho, kiske sath ja rahe ho, paisa ka hisaab do, pata toh chale pocket money kaha uda rahe ho. Stricter than a stick, no matter how hanikarak this bapu is, there is always a soft corner inside him for his family. He is the one who takes your blame for mistakes on him and listens to mummy’s daant. He is the one who puts a sleeping deadline on your head but comes and puts a blanket on you while you are asleep. Make this father’s day for the master (quite literally!) a day to remember by giving him a Mousepad that says Don’t Disturb Dad or a quirky Wall Poster Frame, maybe a Bossy Dad Eye Mask or probably a gift of you waking up on time everyday will do the job!



The #BestFriend Dad

Papa nahi, tera buddy hoon mein, Best Buddy! Dads are the good company we have. Someone who is always there to share scoops full of ice cream late at night and conversations. A saviour who makes sure nothing touches you when the world turns upside down. Chahe exams ka pressure ho ya crush se baat karne ka dar, this dost has gotten your back, always. A friend, a cook, a rider as best as him deserves a high five and amazing gifts, may be a Papa Tussi Great Ho Cushion Cover or a Strong, Reliable Friend Coffee Mug or a cooking Apron would also be a great choice, we say.



The Oldie Dad

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“Humare zamane mein hum teen nadiyaan paar karke school jate the. Tum petrol pe chalo.” “Ye kya smartphone, smartwatch. Humare zamane mein bacche hote the sanskari, agyakaari.” The oldie but goldie dad who has always loved his good old days, this time, make him give you no bahana of his “zamana”. This Papa ka Diwas, give your father a gift of evergreen songs packed in a caravan or give him a poster frame that says, ‘My Dad is teaching my first lesson on life’ or a Coffee Mug along with a Coaster can make for a cute gift. He will come as: “Humare zamane mein yeh fathers day nahi manate the. Jaldi uth ke papa ke sath kaam karne jate the.” But sun lena yaar kyunki times will change but the cute purane samay wale papa will always be in that nostalgic zone.



The Super Cool Dad

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Talking about the dads who help in creating your science project with all the jugaads. Your evening football partner who is on your side when you plan Goa trips with friends. The one whose mantra is “chilled beer is necessary for a chilled life”. Raise a toast and say cheers to your super-duper cool dad with our Papa da Theka gifting collection. Gifts curated specially for Father’s Day such as Beer Mugs, Wall Hangings, and Cushion. Things that will make your dude dad happy.



The Bollywood Freak Dad

An actor like Dev Anand, a dancer like Mithoon, a voice like Amitabh Bachchan, and a style like Rajesh Khanna. Bole toh full too hero maafik. These dads love Bollywood movie masala like anything. Mummy jinke dialogue baazi se rehti pareshaan, cinema mein basti jinki jaan, to the one who takes you to watch every movie in the theater, give him a gift that suits his personality. Probably a Dad risky after a whisky Beer Mug or a funky My Hero Cushion. You can also go with retro goggles or sponsor a movie for him.



The Funny Dad

Meri taqat, mere jokes! The fun dad has got the quality of turning every serious scenario funny and light. He is the one who is every get-together ki shaan, the talker, the happy mood maker whose joke code is tough to crack for everyone. But hey, you know he knows that you know! Leveling up to his sarcasm is a bit difficult but gifting him isn’t. Indigifts ka Father’s Day Collection hai na! Just pick up anything (everything we mean!). Like a Love you Dad Cushion or a Role Model Dad Mouse Pad. Probably prepare a stand-up for him. He will be shocked and you will be roasted but that’s okay, cuz it’s Father’s day!

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Look at them smirking! Inhe khush karein. Father’s day is about to come. It is time to celebrate the fun dad, the wanna-be humorous dad, the strict dad, the cool dad, the wise dad, and the strong dad. To all the dads who have been a great influence and an amazing companion, the G.O.A.T person deserves a gift that is actually the greatest of all times! He deserves a token of love from Indigifts.

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