Ways to Make Your Parents Feel Special

Ways to Make Your Parents Feel Special

Though parents see no other reason to be pleased than the fact that ‘unka pyara baccha’ is now a part of their life, from the moment you took your first breath to the first time you wrapped your little hand around their fingers.

how to make your parents feel special

Every parent requires a chuckle or an arm to hold them tight at times. At times, warm and at times, too too tight! You are not the only one who desires a hug or kiss. Making them feel special through small gestures is the best way to win their hearts, even if they are angry with you.

Try these suggestions on your parents and see whether they get a huge, broad smile!

Mil - Baant ke Khana

A sandwich is made up of four components. Each of you had one. And you know what your parents will do—even if you all want one more, they won't eat the last one. What can you do here? Give it to your mother. Request. More should be requested. She will continue to say ‘Nahi’, ‘Abhi Nahi’, or ‘Bhukh Nahi Hai. But don't give up. Finally, she must be persuaded. That bit will be consumed by her. That's all. Right? NO is the answer.

make your parents feel special

She'll be beaming all night thinking about how thoughtful you are. She'll tell her pals about it as well. She may have tears in her eyes while doing so. So... yeah. That sandwich not only satisfied her stomach but also filled her heart with delight. Oh, and you can give them a cool foodie kit from Indigifts to share some cravings with them.


Be the Accha Baccha

As children get older, they develop their own thinking and become more ‘woke’ about what is good and wrong. They desire the entire ‘adhikaar’ of their life under them. But remember that your ‘papa-mumma’ has done a lot for you and that everything they chose is never against you. Try to follow their instructions as it is one of the best ways to make your parents feel special and feel proud as well.

make your parents feel special  

Do your tasks and don’t forget to bring extra ‘Dhaniya’ with groceries. Carry it out with pride and without fanfare. Respect their norms and avoid doing things they dislike(hate), even when they are not around.


Choti - Pyari Baatein with them 

Message them during the day to see if they took their medications. Take a break from your hectic routine every now and then. Call your mother. Call your father. They'll like hearing your voice. Do you have a phone call with them today? Yes? So, contact them again after an hour. Inform them how much you missed them.

make your parents feel special

What were your thoughts right now? That they won't comprehend? They certainly will not. But you didn't see your parents' broadened chests and pleased smiles on the phone, who felt their son/daughter had become responsible and was still sharing everything with them.

A conversation can happen at a dinner table often. So to make the environment more pleasing you can grab Indigifts dinner mats that are quirky and surely lighten the mood and environment.


First Salary = Family Dinner

Your first paycheck is usually memorable. After years of wasting your parents' money, one day as an adult, you see the magic words "Your Salary Has Been Credited" for the first time on your cell phone. Parents looked after you for decades. They cut out on necessities so they could afford your extravagances.

They worked hard so that you may gain. While no amount of money will compensate for your parent's efforts on your behalf, a few meaningful gestures and thoughtful presents are the best ways to make your parents feel special.

Indigifts has a great range of products for your father and mother which you should present to them often to show your love and support to them.


Buzurgon ki Seva

ways to make your parents feel special

If they are elderly, you may make them happy by assisting them with their responsibilities or by allowing them to rest while you perform their labor. You are their helpful stick, therefore treat them how they treated you as a youngster (but don't be harsh on them or raise your voice). Don't abandon them to their fate.


Parents need Pyarrr

make your parent feel special


One approach to make your parents happy is to kiss them on the cheek or embrace them to show them how much you love them and appreciate everything they have done for you. They will be beaming. They will be delighted to learn that you genuinely care about them. Giving your parents a single hug or kiss on the cheek will brighten their day.

These are some of the things you can do to make parents happy. Though for the ultimate experience you need presents from a store that understands emotions and occasion. Indigifts is the place you should visit more often to find the unique handcrafted items to make your parents happy and love you more.

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